International Trophy Judo Vittorio Veneto

itive’s team involved

  • Media – in charge of the online video streaming, live chat & news-room management.
  • Design – event’s website and athletes registration system.
  • Strategy – overall strategic online communications and media relations, SEO and social media management.


  • We created an online registration system for athletes and clubs that saved the data in a database, which we then exported and installed in the system used to manage the competition. The real challenge we faced and overcame was to develop a database structure and scripts able to translate the incoming data into a digestible and readable format for the system they had in use.
  • We live-streamed and recorded for on-demand view of the entire event. We also created a special archive for all the final fights (gold & silver medals) of all the categories that were taking part in the event. To deliver the best coverage, we setup an entire control room from which 2 video directors and 2 online directors were mixing and managing the entire ‘show’ in constant radio-contact with 3 cameramen and an additional director who was capturing and communicating in real-time the best actions from the competition areas back to the main control room. The live stream was also embedded into the Facebook page of Judo Aikido Vittorio Veneto to extend the experience to those who preferred to watch the event from one of their favorite social networks.
  • We installed a live chat next to the live-stream video player and moderated it non-stop during the entire event. The live chat was used by remote viewers to interact in real-time with the control room and ask preferences or suggestions on which categories they wished to watch the most. The same channel was also used to give live updates about the event.
  • In addition to the live chat channel, the same updates – like upcoming matches, finals, results, and relevant links – were also shared in real-time via the Twitter channel of the event and from the Facebook page of Judo Aikido Vittorio Veneto. Moderation and conversation management was done on these channels, as well.
  • We created a customized tag on Flickr, Twitter and Facebook to increase “searchability” of tournament info for people interested in the event and relevant media.
  • 3 photographers took over 800 photos during the 2 days of competition. All the photos were immediately uploaded to Flickr within 30 min. from when they had been taken.
  • 1 additional cameraman shot video snippets during throughout the 2 days of the competition. These video snippets will be used in the video trailers that will be created to promote next year’s edition of the event.
  • We redesign the entire event’s website (based on wordpress), customizing it for the needs of the organizers & sponsors. In the websites was also embedded the registration forms for athletes and clubs.
  • Invites to the event sent via email included special QR codes that linked to extra ‘sponsored content’ to extend the experience of viewers/receivers to a new and more engaging level. QR codes specifically pointed to tailored content created for the event, YouTube videos or to more traditional websites of the event’s sponsors.
  • At the end of each day of competition the results have been immediately published on the website of the event and emailed to a selected number of journalists and media.
  • We created a foursquare venue for the event to facilitate networking among the participants.
  • Free wifi was provided to participants and spectators during the entire event. Hash-tags were announced via microphone at the venue and posted on the website of the event to encourage content sharing & online buzz.
  • We prepared a stock of 1,000 DVDs of all final fights (1st & 2nd place) for all the categories. Each DVD also included a mix of fights from the day (Saturday & Sunday).
  • We conducted an analysis based on the search/keywords from the previous year’s event and search engine optimized (SEO) every page of the event’s website. The SEO was pitched also after monitoring this year’s search activity (during the 4 months before the event) and included specific keywords that were in synergy with the overall communications plan of the event.


  • The online registration system reduced the month and a half of work of the previous edition to 4 days of actual work for the organizational team to deal and manage the considerably large number of clubs and athletes that registered to participate in the event.
  • 30 hours of live online video were streamed during the 2 days of the event. 93 videos were stored in an online library for on-demand viewing. These videos included finals from every category and additional snippets of videos from the best fights of the event.
  • 181,000 minutes broadcasted live world wide during the 2 days of the event.
  • Additional 16,000 minutes were streamed on-demand the day after the competition.
  • 650 gigabytes of bandwidth for transmitting data online.
  • The website of the event received 2,000 unique visitors from 25 countries.
  • Achieved #1 Google ranking.
  • The photos that we took and shared on Flickr received +23,000 views during the 2 days of the event. +16,000 views the day after the competition.
  • The DVDs were available for purchase and online order 1 hour after each category finished to compete. Burning capacity: 200 DVDs per hour.
  • The Foursquare venue received just a minor number of checkins (<10) but the people that checked in had a good number of followers/social capital so it turned out to be a good move. However, we already planned specific promotional activities for next year’s edition to improve the activity on such a channel and to increase buzz around the event. Details will be discussed with the client over the next few months.
  • The overall ‘sentiment’ of feedback from the live chat, Twitter and Facebook channels was positive. The downsides were related to the fact that the the audience wanted to have real-time updates on each and every category during the event. This gave us good input for how to improve future editions of the event.
  • The majority of the event’s sponsors were satisfied with the event and several have already communicated their interest to even have exposition-booths at the venue during next year’s edition of the event.
  • The event was covered by all local newspapers and a couple of national newspapers (we are still receiving articles – we’ll publish the exact numbers as soon as they are confirmed by the organizers of the event). The “Tribuna”, an Italian news paper, also embedded our Livestream player on their website to share the event with their readers.


310 clubs, 2100 registered athletes from 18 countries, a 4500 seat sport arena, 2 days of competition and 1000 squared meters divided into 8 competition areas make the International Trophy “Judo Vittorio Veneto” the largest International judo tournament in Italy and among the top judo tournaments in Europe. The event has been organized for over 20 years by Judo Aikido Vittorio Veneto. The organizational team wanted to take things to the next level, so they asked Itive to create a strategic communications plan in order to better achieve their objectives.


  • Create efficient manageability of a large number of International athletes.
  • Increase online visibility of the tournament.
  • Optimize media relationships.
  • Improve online presence.
  • Improve online positioning.

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