KGS Global


  • Connect services offered with an effective presence on the web.
  • Creation of a solid digital identity.
  • Event branding.
  • Event promotion.


  • Strategic business design & content optimization – KGS had an existing presence on the web but it wasn’t in sync with their business aims, so we optimized the organization of their online content and then created a custom wordpress theme that was able to best reflect their business strategy. A website is the digital brain of a company so it’s extremely important to connect every single component of it to the business objectives of the brand, and this is exactly what we have done for KGS.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization. We optimized the core structure of the site to ensure better visibility and ranking on search engines.
  • Real time analytics – On the web administration panel of KGS we installed a clear and concise interface that offers KGS an overview on all the key metrics that the administrator wants to track. This system shows data from Google Analytics but also, and most importantly, real time data. Why is it important? Google Analytics generally updates reports every 24 hours so the great advantage of this system we installed is that it helps the client to have an immediate glimpse at what’s going on in real time on their site according to some key metrics. The client can then have a deeper look at the entire stats when the next report is published on Google Analytics.
  • Branding – Aimed at offering a better branding for their events we designed custom banners, badges and other graphical elements to promote, share and advertise KGS events.
  • Training – We delivered a training on how to administer and manage the content of the website and most importantly on how to use custom areas of their new wordpress administration panel addressing every specific need of the KGS team.
  • Promotion – itive helped KGS promoting online its events using social media and influencers outreach.


At KGS Global they don’t simply organize senior level business conventions and tailor-made corporate events, they believe that conferences are not just about thought provoking presentations, workshops and inspiring speakers but they are about people, social interactions and sharing knowledge. These are common values in which we also believe at itive so we were more than happy to work with them. itive helped KGS with a complete digital makeover of their brand.

Irina Kremin

Managing Director at KGS –

“Working with Andrea Vascellari as a person and itive as an agency is one of the best experiences I had until now and I am a very demanding client. His expertise is supreme, the level of involvement in any project – 100% and energy and enthusiasm are contagious. I can recommend Andrea as the best example of customer service, who truly listens to the customer and keeps communication flawless all the time.”

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